Cooking History of Muffins

The muffin started out as a small flat griddle cake and was eaten as a substitute to cornbread. The modern muffin is sweeter, looks like a cupcake and is has many other additions made to it. It was widely popular as a breakfast item because it was quick to assemble. Due to the fact that […]

How do you Make Portuguese Fishermans Stew

Traditional Portuguese cookery combines a blend of different flavours and methods from many different civilizations going back centuries, going back as far as the Moorish occupation of Portugal in the 8th century. It consists of foods from the Mediterranean area; the main ingredients found in Portuguese cooking include olive oil, garlic, onions, coriander, bay leaves, […]

Coffee Drinking in Italy

In Naples, the people have dedicated more than one song in their dialect to the art and joy of drinking coffee. In seven years, I have met maybe five Italians who didn’t like or drink coffee. I have never sat down to an Italian dinner that did not finish with coffee being at least offered. […]

How to Bake Thick Cookies

Some people like their cookies thin, while others like their cookies thick. Whatever your preference, making thick or thin cookies is a breeze. You may think that thick cookies are more difficult to make because they will take longer to cook, but thick cookies actually have a few advantages over thin ones. Thick cookies can […]

How to Eat out and Stay on the Atkins Diet

Although Atkins has faded somewhat in its popularity, there are still many restaurants that feature low carb menu items. Fridays comes to mind. But it isn’t necessary to have low carb items on the menu in order to build a low carb meal. You must eliminate any starches such as bread, pasta, or potatoes. Since […]

Coffee then and now

Coffee is a drink that mostly everyone is familiar with. Especially when the coffee is from a well known cafe or Starbucks. Nowadays, coffee comes in many different flavors and you can create your own flavor with different kinds of creamers. In this publication I am going to discuss the history of coffee and why […]

Classic Viennese Coffee Cake Recipe

Vienna is a world-class city boasting a history burgeoning with rich traditions. Among the many traditions it proudly embraces is the centuries old production of some of the world’s finest cakes and desserts. Apple strüdels, dumplings and sweet pancakes are but a few of its culinary triumphs. Not to be outdone by some of Vienna’s […]