Airbrush spray tan FAQs

Are you curious about getting a spray tan, but would like to try it out with some friends at home? Would you like to plan a party but you’re out of ideas? Airbrush tanning is a great way to plan a social event and get something out of your party in return. You and your guests will end your party with a healthy tan and later that night, show it off for all to see!

Airbrush tanning is the leader in the spray tanning field. Our professional equipment and spray solution goes on as a very light mist all over the body or any area you would prefer to have done. We can customize the color of the solution according to your skin tone. Our staff is qualified in knowing what color would work best for you. You will see your natural, golden tan results right away and the color will continue to show for the 6-8 hours that you wait BEFORE showering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my spray?

Make sure to shower before hand. Exfoliate the skin that you want spray tanned. Make sure after showering to avoid moisturizers and make up. You want your skin completely dry before your spray, the spray tan solution will moisturize your skin once it’s applied.

What should I wear?

Bathing suits are the most popular attire for being sprayed. Our solution is all natural and comes out of all cotton based clothing. Make sure that you have a set of loose clothing to wear after your airbrush tan is complete.

What happens after I get sprayed?

Once you’ve been sprayed you must avoid showering or any kind of physical activity that may make you sweat for 6-8 hours. Once it’s time to shower use a light soap, do NOT scrub your skin or exfoliate the area that was sprayed. After the shower moisturize the skin well. Moisturizing your skin after being sprayed keeps the color looking fresh, as well as lasting longer.

How long will it last?

Within about 5 days to a week your airbrush tan will start to fade off your skin. This is time to exfoliate all areas that have been sprayed. Once the skin is exfoliated your tan will be gone and then it will be time to call us and receive your next tan!

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How to Compare: VC-133 vs PC-133 RAM

The first question I think you will ask is “What is VC-133 RAM?”. Well VC RAM stands for Virtual Channel RAM, it is built on the PC-100/133 architecture and is pin-to-pin compatible with SDRAM sockets. Virtual Channel RAM is supposed to improve the speed at which data is prepared for a read/write cycle. Since modules are so compatible, there is no need to change motherboards, and there is also no additional cost over PC-133 RAM. With so many things in common with these two types of RAM (Random Access Memory) you’re probably wandering which is better. Well that is what we’re here to find out! I have gotten hold of an Apacer 128MB PC-133 RAM module and an Apacer 128MB VC-133 RAM module. I’ve tried to keep them as similar as possible so we can get the best results.

How Does It Work?

Virtual Channel Memory provides fast static registers between the memory core and the I/O pins of the module. This results in a reduction in the time it takes to get data from the modules to the CPU or Chipset.

Virtual Channel Memory is only supported by motherboards with the VIA chipset which is a bit of a downside, but with the rise in popularity of AMD Processors, a lot of people already have a motherboard with the VIA chipset. Virtual Channel Memory uses about 30% less power than regular SDRAM because it increases the efficiency of the memory bus.

Each controller in your system (CPU, Video Card, PCI Cards, etc) wants it’s own set of memory all to itself. Virtual Channel Memory provides a Virtual Channel for each controller which eliminates the chance of data misses and interference caused by other controllers trying to access the memory at the same time.

Well now we know about Virtual Channel Memory and how it works, so why don’t we move onto the benchmarks!

Test System

Asus A7V
AMD Duron 650
Apacer PC-133 & VC-133 128MB RAM
GeForce256 32MB
Soundblaster Live! Value
Quantum LM 15gb Harddrive
AOpen 52x CD-ROM
Windows Millenium
DirectX 8.0


I tested both of the RAM modules using SiSoft Sandra’s Memory Benchmark and 3DMark2000.

SiSoft Sandra 2000

In the SiSoft Sandra Memory Benchmark the VC-133 beats the PC-133 by a significant margine. Lets see if these scores will be replicated in 3DMark2000


As you can see the change of RAM Modules had no impact on the 3DMark2000 Scores. Only 1 3DMark separating the two.


Faster than PC-133 Memory
Improved Average Access Latency
Same Price as PC-133 Memory
Uses Less Power than PC-133 Memory


Only supported by the VIA Chipset


I couldn’t really think of many bad points about this RAM. However, the one negative point is quite a big issue. If you need the extra performance but have a VIA chipset based motherboard then by all means, I recommend this RAM to everyone. If more motherboards supported this memory then it would have gotten about a 9.5/10 but because of this problem it only scores a score of 8.5/10.

How To: Ultimate Home Gaming System

No matter how quick you are or how many strategies you have figured out, if you own a slow PC it’s impossible to be the best you can be in games. If you have an old PC, you don’t need to go and buy a whole new system because there are many other ways to improve your Home Gaming System. All you need to do is find out what upgrades are the most important to improve gaming performance. This guide is aimed at teaching you what upgrades these are and the best choices in each category. In most cases if you own an old PII processor you will not need to go out any buy a whole new processor since this isn’t really all important. The most important thing in a gaming system is the graphics card. The latest games require you to have a more than decent graphics card for them to run smoothly. A lot of other things make a difference in gaming performance such as RAM, Sound Card, Speakers, Joystick, Hard drive, mouse pad and even modem. Read on to find out what I have chosen for the Ultimate Home Gaming System.

Graphics Card
If your PC is quite old, chances are it doesn’t have an AGP slot. This doesn’t make a big worry since most graphics cards come in the AGP and PCI form. The graphics card I chose for this system is the?AsusV7700 GeForce2 Ultra which costs around USD$499. Now this is extremely expensive for a video card but since this is the Ultimate Home Gaming System we chose to think of performance rather than price. With the GPU of this 64MB card running at 250mhz and the RAM running at 460mhz this should be plenty of speed to keep you satisfied. You may want to choose a different GeForce2 Ultra brand such as VisionTek or Creative Labs, always check on the vendors site for the latest drivers.

This is another important thing in a gaming system and is critical for running demanding games. For this system I chose a stick of Mushkin High Performance Rev.3 128MB PC-133 RAM which can be purchased for USD$130. I only chose 128MB of RAM because this is more than enough for games. Purchasing more would just be pointless.

For a good gaming system you’ll need a 3D, four channel sound system. A good example of this is the Cambridge Soundworks FourPointSurround FPS2000 sound system. This can be purchased for around USD$150. This speaker system consists of a subwoofer, four identical satellite speakers, and a master volume control.

Sound Card
If you decide to go with four-channel sound, make sure you have a sound card like the Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! Value Digital which supports all four channels and positional 3D audio. This can be bought for just USD$55.

Hard Drive
With many games taking from 400MB-1GB of space you’ll need a big hard drive if you want to store a lot of games. For this system I chose the IBM Deskstar 75GXP 75GB ATA100 hard drive. This is more than enough space for anyone to have and comes in at about USD$420.

DSL/Cable Modem
With online gaming playing a big role in overall gaming it is good if you had a fast connection like cable or dsl. If you’re in Australia I would recommend getting Telstra cable. An excellent online game to play is Counter Strike, which is a modification of the rather old but excellent game HalfLife.

Mouse Pad
Would you like killer accuracy for those all important shots with the Railgun Or are you just sick of those cheapo cloth mouse pads and want to brighten up your system? In my opinion RatPadz are the ultimate mousing surface and can be purchased for just USD$13.

Joystick and Gamepad
When selecting a joystick or gamepad spend a little extra on a better quality product, the more you spend on a joystick, the better the experience. I would choose to get Microsoft’s Sidewinder Precision Pro Joystick and Sidewinder Game Pad Pro. The joystick can be purchased for around USD$109 and the gamepad for about USD$35.

Well there you have it, my guide to upgrading your computer into the ultimate gaming system. You might be wandering why I didn’t include a case, cpu, motherboard etc. This is because this article isn’t about purchasing a full gaming system it is only a guide on how to upgrade your computer into the Ultimate Gaming System. You might not agree with some of the things I put in the article so feel free to add and subtract things you want and don’t want.

Ford cited for holding key evidence

Judges warn company about failure to provide court papers

By: Jeff Plungis
Detroit News
May 26, 2004

WASHINGTON — It was far from an isolated incident when a Texas judge fined Ford Motor Co. $44,000 in February for failing to produce internal documents about substandard pickup truck door handles.

In recent years, Ford has drawn fines and sanctions from courts in product liability lawsuits across the country. Judges have accused the automaker of withholding key documents and — in a few cases — concealing evidence.

In one Michigan lawsuit arising from an accident that left a toddler with brain damage, Kent County Circuit Judge Dennis Kolenda ruled the automaker’s conduct was an “outrageous fraud” and directed a verdict for the plaintiffs.

“For over two years, Ford has concealed very significant documents and information, and, worse, had blatantly lied about these documents and about the information in them,” Kolenda wrote in his 1997 ruling.

Ford, which denies that it intentionally withholds evidence, is far from the only company that has run afoul of judges for failing to turn over internal documents in a timely manner.

In 1998, a Georgia court sanctioned General Motors Corp. for allegedly concealing an internal report in a case involving a Chevette fuel tank fire.

Tobacco companies and asbestos producers concealed damning studies for decades.

But critics say that Ford’s recent moves show a pattern of stonewalling during the discovery process of civil lawsuits.

“It’s the same old practice and pattern,” said Kevin Dean, a Georgetown, S.C., attorney representing a victim paralyzed in a door handle case. “In all of their litigation, they hide until you get someone to push them to tell the truth.”

As part of the case, Dean is seeking sanctions against Ford for failing to turn over the door-latch documents when he first asked about them in May 2000.

Ford officials say they make a good faith effort to comply with discovery requests, but it is difficult to keep track of specific documents in a complex global organization with 300,000 employees.

In the last year, Ford has produced 15 million pages of documents related to lawsuits, said company spokeswoman Kathleen Vokes. Another 12 million pages have been electronically catalogued for lawsuits related to Firestone tires, she said.

“With this volume of litigation involving a company as large and complex as ours, it is inevitable that we — like every other frequent target of litigation — will make some infrequent and honest mistakes,” Vokes said. “Though we obviously wish it never happened, sometimes — rarely — the process does not work.”

Complex requests

Legal experts concur that in modern court cases, plaintiffs’ discovery requests can be extremely complex.

“Discovery measures have become so broad, so all-encompassing, that it is easy to miss something,” said Victor Schwartz, a Washington lawyer who works on product liability reform. “If a company misses something, it does not necessarily mean it is evil or is wrong.”

Still, in a striking number of auto safety cases, judges have reprimanded Ford for failing to abide by court rules:

* In March 2003, a Summit County, Ohio, probate court found Ford had committed “fraud” and vacated a 15-year-old personal injury settlement in a Bronco II rollover case. The court found Ford had concealed a doctor’s report concerning brain damage to a 2-year-old child injured in the accident. The family had accepted a $10,000 cash settlement.

* A judge assigned to resolve discovery disputes in a Los Angeles lawsuit involving a seat-belt injury to a 5-year-old boy said Ford had been uncooperative and had withheld documents. To penalize the automaker, the court instructed the jury to assume the back seat lap belt in a Windstar van was not safe and that Ford had failed to warn the public about it.

* In February 2003, a federal judge in Illinois sanctioned Ford for concealing evidence in a 15-passenger van rollover case. The judge found the company’s behavior to “border on criminal.”

* The Michigan Supreme Court upheld a $547,000 fine imposed on Ford in 2001 for failing to turn over test data in a lawsuit that involved a seat belt failure.

“It’s not only a pattern,” said Andrew Gilberg, a former Ford engineer who testified as an expert in the Texas trial that resulted in the February 2004 fine. “I believe their lawyers are schooled in how to avoid producing documents. It is policy with them.”

The Environmental Working Group, a watchdog group in Washington, D.C., wrote to the Justice Department last year alleging Ford was guilty of a “pattern and practice of willfully concealing safety-related defects data from courts, federal regulators and consumers.”

The group published a detailed account of the company’s alleged efforts to suppress information about testing problems and complaints about the Bronco II sport utility vehicle.

The group asked U.S. Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff for a criminal investigation, but it cannot be determined whether the government is looking into the case. The Justice Department does not comment on pending investigations, spokesman Bryan Sierra said.

“Ford’s behavior has been consistent,” said Arianne Callender, senior attorney with the Environmental Working Group. “It’s a pattern that needs to be exposed and investigated.”

Judicial reprimands

James O’Reilly, a products liability expert with the University of Cincinnati College of Law, said a lot of large companies fight attempts by plaintiffs to uncover damning company documents.

“Ford is not the first company to do this, but it raises a lot of questions about the performance of the company,” O’Reilly said.

The recent sanctions involving the safety of truck and SUV door handles is only the latest example of Ford drawing a judicial reprimand.

A state district court judge in Zapata County, Texas, fined Ford $44,000 in February for failing to produce documents that exposed engineering and manufacturing defects potentially affecting 4.1 million vehicles sold between 1997 and 2000. The vehicles include the F-150 and F-250 pickups and the Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs.

Plaintiffs claimed their case was harmed by 28 months of delays by Ford in turning over key evidence, said Jaime Gonzalez, a McAllen, Texas attorney representing the family of Maria Edna Garcia, one of two sisters who died after being ejected in an F-150 rollover crash.

Ford fought hard to keep the door-handle documents out of the trial. In his arguments asking for the documents to be admitted as evidence and for penalties against Ford, Gonzalez cited numerous other cases around the country where judges had sanctioned Ford. On both matters, Gonzalez prevailed.

“The message I want to send is that when it comes to discovery, cross your t’s and dot your i’s because if you don’t, you’re going to get sanctioned,” Judge Manuel Flores said in explaining the fine against Ford.

The door handle documents used in Texas became public only after a 2 1/2-year fight in a different lawsuit in South Carolina. And the story of how they came to light shows how a company’s hardball legal strategy can backfire.

The Ford documents describe a company investigation that discovered the door handles had been manufactured with weak springs, allowing door latches to potentially fly open in crashes.

Ford engineers pinpointed the problem in March 2000 and concluded it was a safety issue and recommended a recall, the documents show. The company estimated the recall would have cost up to $527 million. Ford executives initially approved a recall, the documents show, before determining that the handles could pass a rarely used alternative safety test.

Ford maintains the door handles are safe and comply with federal laws.

Dean, the South Carolina trial attorney, said he first asked for tests and studies about door handle design from Ford in May 2000. He said he was told by Ford that no such information existed.

Two years later, details of some door-handle tests surfaced in other lawsuits. Dean again asked for the information. Lawyers from Nelson Mullins, Ford’s South Carolina counsel, traveled to Dearborn to help the company’s Office of General Counsel find the documents.

They returned to court with the depositions and documents that showed that Ford engineers concluded the truck handles were substandard.

Now that the door-handle memos have been admitted as evidence in a trial, they are public information. And Ford’s growing list of sanctions will give future plaintiffs additional leverage to force the automaker to produce evidence in other product liability cases.

What Causes SlimQuick Side Effects

From news reports to blogs, comments published in addition to social media network ramblings, SlimQuick adverse effects are actual and they continue to occur to this very day. For people who are not aware, this product is an extremely popular line of diet plan tablets that ladies utilize to lose excessive or unwanted weight from their bodies. SlimQuick also occurs to be utilized by women who would like to diet without going with the time consuming trials which include health club workouts, and reshape themselves.

As reported by many SlimQuick adverse effects are numerous and they consist of fast heart rate, irritability, depression, drowsiness, queasiness, extreme thirst, jitters and stress and anxiety.

Thinking about how popular the diet plan tablet is amongst ladies now, it’s time to take a look regarding what causes these side effects to occur in the very first place.

The secret to understanding the causing would be to analyze carefully the formulation. As with other diet pills, SlimQuick comes from diverse ingredients that each is made up of vitamins, elements or compounds which should function in the body after usage. The adverse effects happen from the diverse levels of compounds and vitamins which affect the body as well as the brain’s functions. This consists of caffeine, which is actually an element that is defective while curbing the appetite for dieting, as it causes sleep difficulty.

SlimQuick effects are also followed to the aquaplex water removal ingredient but also results in excessive thirsting in the user’s section. These are only several of the effects which include using it like a dieting solution.

For the large part, SlimQuick side effects are really consequences of the solution of the diet plan tablet and also the difficulty of the human body’s on fixing to the effects. As such, it’s a good idea to always read the ingredient listing of the label in addition to its formulation that is printed. After reading, it is suggested to discuss before ever utilizing the drug with the doctor, utilizing it. All these really are the crucial steps to take to actually prevent those negative effects.

How Jackie Burns Stay Fit

Jackie Burns is a Toronto-based freelance writer who covers the healthy body beat for Love and Blueberries.

Q: You’ve taken on the “healthy body” beat for Love and Blueberries, do you think of yourself as having a healthy body?

A: I feel like I’m in pretty good shape and my BMI is within the healthy range but that’s a hard question to answer with 100% certainty. How do we really know how healthy our body is unless we test ourselves? During one of my interviews for the healthy body blog, I spoke with Bryce Wylde, a homeopathic doctor who recommends doing some specific assessments of your health, whether it’s checking your PH and Vitamin C levels or even getting an adrenal stress test. It’s definitely peaked my curiosity, so I’ll have to get back to you after my tests!

Q: What does your exercise routine look like?

A: For years I had a love/hate relationship with my lunch-time spin class as an office worker, but my routine changed after having my son and deciding to become a stay-at-home mom/freelancer. I purchased an elliptical for my home so that I could workout while my son napped. I try to do three 30-minute routines a week and since I live downtown I walk everywhere. My weight training consists mainly of carrying around my 30-pound son but I should definitely try to incorporate more strength training for a better balance. Q: Do you make an effort to maintain a healthy diet? If so, what kinds of foods do you include in your weekly shop?

A: I definitely make an effort to maintain a healthy diet, but I find it takes a fair amount of planning to avoid having grilled cheese sandwiches every day! Every morning, I get up and take a shot of Matol, a mineral formula with herbal extracts that gives me tremendous amounts of energy. I live right near the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto so I shop there every couple of days for fresh fruits, veggies and meat. I try to eat a lot of soy which I get from Yves veggie burgers, soy almonds and chocolate soy milk. I just discovered Mary’s Organic Crackers (wheat-free and gluten-free) which are super tasty with peanut butter!

Q: Do you face any challenges in your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: I often run out of time in the day to make three balanced meals and find myself ordering take-out way too often, although I try to stick to healthier options like sushi or bean burritos. When I’m in a time crunch but desperate for something healthy, I blend Matol’s Fibresonic powder with skim milk, blueberries and flax seeds.
Q: Lastly, do you have any health goals for 2009?

A: I’m definitely trying to be more aware of what foods/drinks I put in my body and remember that I really do feel much better, physically and mentally, when my body gets the proper nutrients. Basically, I’m trying not to over-indulge in red wine and nachos!

3 Suggestions To Facilitate You Conceive A Boy Baby – Get Boy You Always Wanted

Would you like to be a couple who have the option to enhance the chances of choosing the sexual category of your kid during the conceiving period? If so below we offer some tips on how to conceive a boy that you may realize very practical. The tips we provide will guarantee that the more rapidly moving sperm carrying the male gene have more possibilities of reaching the female reproductive cells to fertilize them firstly.

Tip 1 – The best way of helping to improve the probability of you as a couple conceiving a boy is to ensure that the husband does not make love for at least four or five days before the woman ovulates. This will help to ensure that a larger number of the sperm holding the male gene are released into the vagina and so enhance their chances of reaching the eggs first.

Tip 2 – An additional thing a couple ought to be trying to do while making love is confirm that the wife orgasms during it. This aids to increase the speed at which the sperm advances through the fallopian tubes towards the eggs to fertilize them. Also having an orgasm decreases the pH levels in the vagina which if too high are harmful to the sperm carrying the male chromosome.

Tip 3 – One additional point that the wife can do which will aid to make the proper atmosphere in the vagina for the male sperm is to adjust her diet. She needs to be on an eating habit where the foods she eats are high in sodium and potassium. Food items like bananas, apricots, figs, strawberries and baked potatoes are perfect. These help to establish a more alkaline surroundings for the sperm carrying the male gene and which will facilitate them to survive longer and boost their likelihood of reaching the eggs to fertilize them first.

By following these points you will increase your likelihood of conceiving a baby boy.